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Iris lactea #12 of 16

Credits: Iris lactea, photo by J. Murrain, Kansas City, Missouri. Photo obtained via the Iris-Species mailing list on Yahoogroups in October 2005. (D. Kramb, 08-JAN-06)

Comments: This is the third year in a row for three different clones of Iris lactea to re-bloom. If you got the pictures you can see why I'm not too excited. Although they have been blooming for two weeks with a few flowers every day the stalks are only one or two inches tall while the foliage is about two feet long and splayed over the flowers. The pix were taken in low light and look much too blue. These plants were grown from wild collected seed and have been in the same spot six or seven years. These clumps are quite large, easily over eighteen inches at the base. (This description was provided from J. Murrain. Note, I photoshopped out some of the blue. -- D. Kramb) (D. Kramb, 08-JAN-06)

Iris lactea

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