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Iris prismatica #8 of 12

Credits: Iris prismatica, Marion LENNOZ, 22/05/2004 (Marion LENNOZ, 04-JUN-04)

Comments: In my garden (France, Isère 38) (Marion LENNOZ, 04-JUN-04)

This looks similar to a "white prismatica" I grew this year, but which looked different from the other prismaticas I've grown. Based on petal width, ovary, and a hollow stem, I decided it was a siberian. I saw another similar flower also labeled as a primatica in a garden on the AIS convention tour. Carla Lankow and Jean Witt concluded that it was a siberian. It's hard to tell from one photo, but I wonder if this is also one of the imposters. (Ken Walker, 07-JUN-04)

Iris prismatica

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