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Iris verna

Botanical Name: Iris verna (added by D. Kramb, 08-NOV-03)

Botanical Synonyms:

Iris verna var. verna (D. Kramb, 18-MAY-07)


Vernae (monotypic) (D. Kramb, 18-MAY-07)

Common Names:

Vernal Iris, Dwarf Iris (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Coastal Plain Dwarf Violet Iris (D. Kramb, 18-MAY-07)

Chromosome Count:


General Description:

3" to 5" tall, pale violet/blue with bright yellow/orange signal on falls. (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Distinguishing Features:

Leaves are darker green, more lustrous, and more upright than Iris cristata. Flowers are usually below the leaves. Leaves often are double the height of the bloom. (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Leaves often persist, unlike cristata, through the winter. (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Preferred Habitat:

Open, sunny areas to partly shaded sites. Soil acid, roughly 4.5 to 5.5, well-drained, sandy (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Commonly found growing in nutrient poor acid soils, in semi-shaded mesic to dry woodlands. (D. Kramb, 18-MAY-07)


Zones 5 to 9 (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Native Range:

North America, NY to KY, MS and FL (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Occurs in the coastal plain and piedmont of the southeastern states; Maryland south to Florida. (D. Kramb, 18-MAY-07)

Status in the Wild:

Threatened in OH, Endangered in PA and MD (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Commercial Availability:

Available from several internet sources (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Sources Cited:

USDA website (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Additional Comments:

Easily grown in acid, well-drained soil on the dry side. (G. Tepper, 28-DEC-05)

Where to buy it:

Joe Pye Weed's Garden

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Munchkin Nursery

Sunlight Gardens

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