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  1. Chuck Chapman
  2. Andi Rivarola
  3. Jamie Vande
  4. Sean Zera


  • Display Gardens: Volunteer Needed!
  • Seed Exchange: Sean Zera
  • Awards: Barbara Schmeider
  • Nominations Chair: Rodney Barton
  • Slide Library: Volunteer Needed!
  • Checklist and Registrations: Bob Pries
  • Membership Secretary: Rodney Barton
  • Publications Chair: Will Plotner
  • Editor: Volunteer Needed!
  • Webmaster: Dennis Kramb
  • Facebook Admin: Andi Rivarola
  • On-line Robin: Rodney Barton

Sino-Siberian iris 'Piquant Fancy' photo by Will Plotner.

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