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Iris lutescens #13 of 14

Credits: Iris lutescens, Gianluca Corazza, on April 9th, 2012, in Sottovalle, Alessandria, Italy (Gianluca Corazza, 09-APR-12)

Comments: The station in Sottovalle is the northernmost of this species. Here plants are hexaploid, so are slightly bigger and often 2-flowered. (Gianluca Corazza, 09-APR-12)

I think it is Iris subbiflora (Rafa Diez, 17-APR-12)

Very similar, but it is known as population of Iris lutescens. No Iris subbiflora stations are known in Italy (at the moment) - For info: pages 33-34 - http://www.societabotanicaitaliana.it/uploaded/volume_SBI_Roma_2010.pdf (Gianluca Corazza, 26-OCT-12)

Sorry, but the picture never shows an I. lutescens. Rather it is an I. kochii. Look image Iris germanica #10 (Fritz Lehmann / Irisparadise, 06-NOV-12)

Iris kochii is questionably wild and probably an old naturalized hybrid . However Iris kochii has several flowers per stem. This population has one flower per stem; rarely two, like in this image. It is a botanically investigated station. (Gianluca Corazza, 08-NOV-12)

Iris lutescens

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