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A NEW SYSTEM OF THE GENUS IRIS by Dr. George Rodionenko

This brand new publication tells of some of the early experiences of Dr. Rodionenko and his studies and observations of the Genus Iris in the wild for over 50 years. It not only offers a new insight into how the genus has expanded but gives the most in depth observances and history of Dr. Rodionenko himself. His conclusions will hopefully provoke a great deal of work on the part of other scientists.

This book sells for $9.95 plus shipping & handling.

INVESTIGATING IRISES by Prof. Maretta Colasante

This contribution groups together articles translated from Italian, French, and German into English with comments by Professor Colasante to update the information. It represents a data resource for a wider audience to improve and unify the knowledge of Irises.

The aim of this work concerns the collection of information about Irises from different fields of investigation, and has been carried out for many years in different countries by various experts and Iris lovers. It represents a new model of contribution to the knowledge of the 'Iris world'.

The price is $9.95 plus shipping & handling.

Contact our Publications Chair, gardens@molalla.net, for ordering information.

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