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Species Iris Group of North America

SIGNA is devoted to studying the Iris family in the wild as well as enjoying them in the garden. We're equally interested in species and hybrids. We promote them through our seed exchange while supporting their conservation in the wild. We disseminate scientific and cultural information about them through our members-only publications and to the public at large via this website.

Although the name SIGNA includes the words "North America" we have members from all around the world. The main benefits of membership are the seed exchange (held once a year, in December) and the journal (published twice per year).

Sign-up now and pay via PayPal. E-membership rates are the same world-wide. Standard memberships have different rates for USA & Overseas due to postage. E-members receive full membership benefits but all correspondences are via email.

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To avoid the PayPal surcharge ($0.50 for 1-year E-membership, $1.00 for other memberships, and $9.00 for lifetime membership) you can pay by check. Contact the Membership Chairperson rbartontx@yahoo.com for details.

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