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This year's seeds donated by:
    [DKR] Dennis Kramb, Liberty Township, OH, USA
    [DST] Dorothy Stiefel, Spencer, NY, USA
    [EMC] Emeline Chartier, Us, FRANCE
    [JNH] Neuhercz Józsefné, Budapest, HUNGARY
    [JPW] Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks, Carlisle, MA, USA
    [KDI] Kalásziné D. Ilona, Budapest, HUNGARY
    [KWK] Kenneth Walker, Concord, CA, USA
    [MBS] Maurice Boussard, Ventabren, FRANCE
    [NZI] New Zealand Iris Society, NEW ZEALAND
    [NHG] Nyla Hughes, Milwaukee, WI, USA
    [PRN] Paige Woodward, Chilliwack, BC, CANADA
    [PTL] Patricia Toolan, Angaston, SA, AUSTRALIA
    [RBR] Rodney Barton, Hickory Creek, TX, USA
    [RST] Robert Strohman, Louisville, KY, USA
    [SZR] Sean Zera, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Legend: VF = Very Few seeds (less than 25) available. FW = Few seeds (under 50) available. AV = Seeds are generally available. AB = Abundant supply of seeds. x = Seeds are sold out! OP = open pollinated. HP = hand pollinated. WC = wild collected.

Some mail servers are reportedly blocking mail from this website incorrectly as spam. If you do not receive your order within a few minutes of making your payment contact the webmaster at dkramb@badbear.com for help. Copies of all orders are now stored on the website as backup.

Packets are $1.00 each.

Inventory is NOT updated daily. 'VF' and 'FW' items sell out quickly SO PLEASE SPECIFY SUBSTITUTES.

The offerings in the arilbred section involve parents that are unregistered seedlings. Here are photos of those irises. From left to right: 'icy pale blue TB sdlg', TB-18-34-99-A, and TB-22-05-00-B.

Here is a photo of the wild-collected Iris missouriensis of Sean Zera's donations.

Use the checkboxes below to select which seeds to "buy" or request as "sub" (substitutes). Seeds in short supply will not be used for substitutes.

NumberBuySubName & descriptionQtyDonorLinks

I. Bearded: Dwarf DB, Median MB, Tall TB
16MB001 x x bicapitata ex 10MB001 HP purple x KWK
16TB002 x x germanica HP red form ex Czech Republic x KWK
16DB003 x x lutescens yellow ex France x MBS
16DB004 x x pallida x KDI
16TB005 x x pallida var cengialti ex K23A (Kew) OP x DST
16TB006 x x pumila WC Dobrudzsa x JNH

Arillate: AR
16AR007 x x stolonifera, bright blue beard x 'Sina Dark' x KWK

Arilbred: AB
16AB008 x x ‘Fire in the Hole’ X pale icy blue TB seedling HP x DKR
16AB009 x x Purple TB sdling (TB-18-34-99-A) X ‘Holy Moley Plum’ HP x DKR
16AB010 x x Purple TB sdling (TB-18-34-99-A) X ‘Shaman’s Magic’ HP x DKR
16AB011 x x Purple TB sdling (TB-18-34-99-A) X ‘Circus Parade’ HP x DKR
16AB012 x x Dark purple TB sdling (TB22-05-00-B) X Circus Parade' HP x DKR

II. Crested: CR
16CR013 x x cristata OP mixed blues and violets x JPW
16CR014 x x cristata ex 'Precious Pearl' very pale blue x JPW
16CR015 x x cristata ex 'Sam's Mini' OP dwarf blue x JPW
16CR016 x x gracilipes blue OP x JPW
16CR017 x x gracilipes ex Buko Form (dwarf white) OP x JPW
16CR018 x x japonica 'Valley Blue' x 'Skirt Chaser' [only 1 pkt of seeds available] x KWK
16CR019 x x milesii ex 2nd gen, Chadwell CC12-7307 x KWK
16CR020 x x tectorum OP purple x KWK
16CR021 x x tectorum OP blue-violet x JPW
16CR022 x x tectorum OP white x JPW
16CR023 x x tectorum OP hardy x ECT
16CR024 x x wattii HP ex plant WC by D. Probst in Guizhou Prov. China, tender x JPW

III. Beardless: Chinenses: CH
16CH025 x x speculatrix x KWK

Foetidissimae: FT
16FT026 foetidissima AV KDI
16FT027 foetidissima var. citrine AV PRN

Laevigate: LV (U.S.A. and Canada residents please check the legal restrictions on Iris pseudacorus before ordering.)
16LV028 ensata HP ex 10LV122, wild Russian line AB KWK
16LV029 x x ensata ‘Azuma Kagami’ x self HP x ECT
16LV030 x x laevigata ex 'Royal Cartwheel' OP x KWK
16LV031 x x laevigata HP 'Seiran' x 'Lakeside Ghost' x KWK
16LV032 versicolor ex coll Mackinac Co. MI, USA OP AB SZR
16LV033 x x versicolor var. rosea x NHG
16LV034   versicolor OP mixed colors and forms FW ECT
16LV035 versicolor ex ‘Between the Lines’ OP AB JPW
16LV036 versicolor ex ‘Epic Poem’ OP AB JPW
16LV037 versicolor ex ‘Light Verse’ OP AV JPW
16LV038 x x versicolor ex ‘Murrayana’ OP x JPW
16LV039 versicolor ex ‘Shape Up’ OP AV JPW
16LV040 versicolor ex ‘Whodunit’ OP AB JPW
16LV041 x x versicolor ex BIS Seed from Tamberg ex ’China West Lake’ OP, 3 buds x ECT
16LV042 virginica var. shrevei HP ex 10LV129 AB KWK

Louisiana: LA
16LA043 x x brevicaulis (violet tall) X fulva (red tall) [only 1 pkt of seeds available] x DKR
16LA044 x x brevicaulis WC, SW Ohio, tall violet x DKR
16LA045 x x fulva ex ‘Wood’s Red’ HP x RBR
16LA046 x x giganticaerulea ‘alba’ HP x SZR
16LA047 giganticaerulea ‘alba’ HP AV RBR
16LA048 x x giganticaerulea ex ‘Big Tex’ HP orig. coll. Matagorda Co., TX x RBR
16LA049 x x Iris x fulvala OP, 2015 seed x ECT
16LA050 x x LA ex 'Monet's Magic' OP [only 2 pkt of seeds available] x NHG
16LA051 x x LA ex 'Secret Decree' OP x NHG
16LA052 x x LA ex 'Shy Royal' OP x NHG
16LA053 x x LA ex 'Splitter Splatter' OP x NHG
16LA054 x x LA ex ‘Voodoo Rite’ OP x ECT
16LA055 x x LA 'Splitter Splatter' X 'Black Widow' x SZR

Pacific Coast: PC
16PC056   douglasiana dark blue [only 2 pkt of seeds available] VF PRN
16PC057 douglasiana blue and white pinstripe AB PRN
16PC058 x x douglasiana mixed white form and yellow form x PRN
16PC059 x x macrosiphon ‘Mt. Madonna’ X self x KWK
16PC060   PCI ex 'Burgundy Kiwi' (NZ bred) FW NZI
16PC061 x x PCI OP yellow x ECT
16PC062 PCI ex ‘Lilac Lullaby’ (NZ bred) AV NZI
16PC063 PCI mixed cultivars AV NZI

Siberian: SB
16SB064 x x chrysographes x PRN
16SB065 sanguinea AB PRN
16SB066 sanguinea OP 2 buds AB ECT
16SB067 x x sibirica ex 03J064 ex Mongolia x JNH
16SB068 x x sibirica wild form x JNH
16SB069 sibirica AB KDI
16SB070 siberica ex ’Coreana’ AB JNH
16SB071 SIB ex 'Lady Lilac' AV NZI
16SB072 x x SIB ex ’Snow Prince’ x JNH
16SB073 x x SIB ex 'Sprinkles' x NZI
16SB074 x x SIB ex ‘Sugi Iri’ x RST
16SB075 SIB coll. ex French Lick, IN, USA AV RST
16SB076 x x SIB ex BIS seed from T. Tamberg OP purple w/ gold x ECT
16SB077 typhifolia OP ex ‘Caitlin’s Smile’ AB JPW

Spuria: SP
16SP078   crocea HP VF KWK
16SP079 graminea AV JNH
16SP080 graminea AV KDI
16SP081   graminea FW DKR
16SP082 graminea AV NGH
16SP083 x x monnieri OP x JPW
16SP084   orientalis ex 08SP179 OP (nothing else blooming) FW SZR
16SP085 x x sintenisii ex Eco Gardens clones evergreen x JPW
16SP086 x x sintenisii ex 'Parkville Pal' OP evergreen x JPW
16SP087 x x sintenisii [only 1 pkt of seeds available] x RBR
16SP088 x x sintenisii x PRN
16SP089 x x spuria ‘alba’ x KDI
16SP090 x x spuria subsp. carthalinae ex ‘Georgian Delicacy’ OP but no other spuria in bloom x JPW
16SP091 x x spuria subsp. halophila x KDI
16SP092 spuria subsp. maritima AV NZI
16SP093 spuria subsp. notha AB JNH
16SP094 unknown affin. spuria, yellowish AV JNH
16SP095 xanthospuria HP ex NARGS 02/4775 AB KWK
16SP096   xanthospuria HP ex 03M126 FW KWK
16SP097 x x SPU ex ‘Dress Circle’ x KDI
16SP098 x x SPU ex ’Frigia’ x JNH
16SP099 x x SPU ex ’Highline Coral’ x JNH
16SP100 SPU ex ‘Imperial Bronze’ AB JNH
16SP101   SPU ex ‘Imperial Bronze’ FW KDI
16SP102 x x SPU ex ‘Kalihari’ x JNH
16SP103 SPU ex ‘Lydia Jane’ AV KDI
16SP104 x x SPU ex ‘Missouri Streams’ x NZI
16SP105 x x SPU ex ‘Red Oak’ x KDI
16SP106 x x SPU ex ‘Sprinkles’ x NZI
16SP107   SPU ex ‘Social Circle’ FW JNH
16SP108 SPU ex ‘Tassili’ AB KDI
16SP109 SPU ex unknown purple AV NZI
16SP110   SPU ex unknown hybrid FW KDI

Tripetalae: TR
16TR111 hookeri OP AB ECT
16TR112 setosa AB PRN
16TR113 x x setosa ex ‘All Stripes' OP white w/ magenta veins x JPW
16TR114   setosa ex ‘Tourist’ OP purple w/ yellow signal FW JPW
16TR115 setosa OP, floriferous, 2 branch, 3-5 buds AB ECT
16TR116 x x tridentata, John Wood's clone X (93Q227 X John Wood's Clone) x KWK
16TR117 tridentata, (03Q227 X John Wood's clone) X sib AV KWK

Misc. Beardless: MS
16MS118 decora ex NARGS 10/1638 AV KWK
16MS119 dichotoma, 10MS202 X NARGS 10/1639 AB KWK
16MS120 domestica AV KDI
16MS121 lactea mixed clones AB KWK
16MS122 lactea AV JNH
16MS123 x x lactea x PTL
16MS124 lactea ex ‘Redundant’ blue violet and white, rebloomer AB JPW
16MS125 lactea ex ‘Tough Cookie’ OP white AV JPW
16MS126   lactea ex ‘Tough Cookie’ OP white VF KWK
16MS127 lactea var. lactea HP ex Vickery 2009 KZ9, Kazakhstan AV KWK
16MS128 lactea (as oxypetela) HP ex Russia AB KWK
16MS129 x x prismatica OP mid-blue-violet x JPW
16MS130 x x prismatica ‘alba’ OP x JPW
16MS131 missouriensis WC in Rio Arriba County, NM, USA 2700m/8800ft AV SZR
16MS132 x x ruthenica x JNH
16MS133 x x songarica x KDI
16MS134 x x unguicularis ‘alba’ HP x KWK
16MS135 x x verna OP mixed purple/blue x JPW
16MS136 x x verna OP white x JPW

IV. Bulbous: Reticulate RT, Scorpiris JU, Xiphium XP
16JU137 x x bucharica x JNH
16XP138 histrio, histrio X ex histrio ssp. histrio AV KWK
16XP139 x x histrio ssp. histrio X self, ex Hatay, Turkey x KWK
16JU140 magnifica AV JNH
16JU141 magnifica AB KDI
16JU142 magnifica ‘Agalik’ x ‘Aman-Kutan’ AV KWK
16JU143 x x planifolia x PTL
16RT144 tuberosa AV KWK
16RT145 tuberosa AB MBS

VI. All Other Iridaceae: XX
16XX146 Alophia drummondii ex SIGNA AV RBR
16XX147   Calydorea amabilis ex 11XX272 VF RBR
16XX148 x x Dietes flavida ex 99Z458 cream x RBR
16XX149 Dietes grandiflora [native to South Africa, Eastern Cape region] AB MBS
16XX150 Dietes grandiflora [native to South Africa, Eastern Cape region] AV NZI
16XX151 Dietes iridioides ex 92Z361 (listed as D. vegeta) AB RST
16XX152 x x Ennealophus fimbriatus ex 12XX361 x RBR
16XX153 Ferraria crispa AB MBS
16XX154 Freesia (Anomatheca) viridis, ex SIGNA AV RBR
16XX155   Gladiolus byzantinus VF MBS
16XX156 Gladiolus italicus [native to southern Europe and into Asia] AB MBS
16XX157 Gladiolus splendens [native to South Africa] AB MBS
16XX158 Herbertia lahue AV NZI
16XX159 Herbertia lahue ssp. caerulea AV RBR
16XX160 Lapeirousia jacquinii AV MBS
16XX161   Libertia grandiflora [endemic to New Zealand] VF MBS
16XX162 Moraea huttonii [native to South Africa] AB MBS
16XX163 x x Moraea marlothii [native to South Africa] x MBS
16XX164 Moraea polystachya [native to southern Africa] AB MBS
16XX165   Romulea tetragona VF MBS
16XX166 Sisyrinchium montanum AB KDI
16XX167 Sisyrinchium macrocarpum [native to Argentina] AB KDI
16XX168 Sisyrinchium striatum [native to Chile and Argentina] AB KDI

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