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Iris cycloglossa

Botanical Name: Iris cycloglossa (added by D. Kramb, 01-DEC-03)

Botanical Synonyms:

Juno cycloglossa (D. Kramb, 01-DEC-03)


Juno, Scorpiris (D. Kramb, 01-DEC-03)

Common Names:


Chromosome Count:

2n=28 (D. Kramb, 15-SEP-04)

General Description:

Stems grow 8-16" tall. Flowers are blue-violet with large standards. Falls have a large white spot or yellow blotch. (D. Kramb, 15-SEP-04)

It is one of the most recent Juno species to be described and introduced to cultivation. It is perhaps the most moisture loving of them all. It is confined to a very small area in Afghanistan in wet stream margins unlike any other Juno. It looks more like a Dutch iris than a Juno with narrow foliage and wide falls. (D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)

(Peter Taggart UK, 06-JAN-10)

Distinguishing Features:

It is best in the open not a bulb frame or bed for junos. It does not want summer drying or baking especially. The most vigorous bulbs I have seen were in Panayoti Kelaidis' garden. To keep it from drying our in the naturally dry Denver climate, he placed a large rock on top of the bulb to conserve moisture. The plants emerged from under the rock and formed a large mass. (D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)

The bulbs are small and pointed with a thin dark brown tunic and a pink skin. they are easily seperated from the thick vertical dark storage tubers, both will still grow. (Peter Taggart UK, 06-JAN-10)

Preferred Habitat:

It has become fairly common from dutch growers and should be tried by anyone who might have trouble keeping other Junos dry enough since this one does not need those conditions. (D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)



Native Range:

Western Afghanistan (D. Kramb, 15-SEP-04)

Status in the Wild:


Commercial Availability:

Specialty nurseries, mail-order (D. Kramb, 01-DEC-03)

Sources Cited:

Info entered on 15-SEP-04 comes from the SIGNA Checklist of Iris Species. (D. Kramb, 15-SEP-04)

Info entered on 14-JAN-06 comes from a posting by J. Waddick on the Iris-Species mailing list on Yahoogroups. (D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)

Additional Comments:

The last juno to flower, it always amazes me such small bulbs can produce such tall stems with huge flowers so suddenly. It is self fertile. (Peter Taggart UK, 06-JAN-10)

Where to buy it:

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