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Iris fulva

Botanical Name: Iris fulva (added by D. Kramb, 05-OCT-03)

Botanical Synonyms:

Iris cuprea, I. rubescens (D. Kramb, 05-OCT-03)


Louisiana, Hexagonae (D. Kramb, 05-OCT-03)

Apogon, Beardless Iris (D. Kramb, 01-JAN-04)

Common Names:

Copper iris (D. Kramb, 05-OCT-03)

Chromosome Count:

2n=42 according to the SIGNA Checklist of Iris Species (D. Kramb, 18-SEP-04)

General Description:

18"-31" (45-80cm) tall, with red, copper, orangish, or yellow flowers (D. Kramb, 05-OCT-03)

Flowers are 4" to 4.5" (10-12cm) across in brick red, rust red, or coppery red, occasionally yellow. Flowers generally drooping with occasional slight flare. (D. Kramb, 01-JAN-04)

Distinguishing Features:

Rhizomes are 4 to 5 inches long and do not exceed 3/4" diameter (2cm). (D. Kramb, 01-JAN-04)

The anthers often extend beyond the tips of the style arms, a characteristic unique to Iris fulva. (D. Kramb, 16-MAY-04)

Preferred Habitat:

Open wetlands, sunny streambanks (D. Kramb, 05-OCT-03)

Partial shade to full sun. Swamps, streams, canals, and roadside ditches. Grows best in fertile soil rich in organic matter. (D. Kramb, 01-JAN-04)


Estimated Zone 3-10 (D. Kramb, 05-OCT-03)

Native Range:

USA (Mississippi River Valley) (D. Kramb, 18-SEP-04)

Status in the Wild:


Commercial Availability:

Specialty. Often available at water garden centers. (D. Kramb, 01-JAN-04)

Sources Cited:

Most info added on 01-JAN-04 comes from the book "The Louisiana Iris: Taming of a North American Wildflower". (D. Kramb, 01-JAN-04)

Additional Comments:

Does not tolerate dense shade or brackish water. (D. Kramb, 01-JAN-04)

This species has performed exceedingly well for me in Zone 6 with no winter protection, even plants wild collected in the Deep South (USA). It has done best when grown in a pond rather than in a garden bed. (D. Kramb, 31-DEC-05)

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