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Iris galatica

Botanical Name: Iris galatica (added by Özgür KOÇAK, 24-MAY-09)

Botanical Synonyms:



Scorpiris (juno) (Peter Taggart UK, 05-JAN-10)

Common Names:

Nevruz (Özgür KOÇAK, 24-MAY-09)

Chromosome Count:


General Description:

See under comments below (Peter Taggart UK, 05-JAN-10)

Distinguishing Features:

A yellow spot just above the tip of the fall and a pinch of the fall at this point. (Peter Taggart UK, 05-JAN-10)

Preferred Habitat:

Grow in stony compost and dust the tubers with dolimitic lime dust. must have plenty of air (Peter Taggart UK, 05-JAN-10)


Frost hardy (Peter Taggart UK, 05-JAN-10)

Native Range:

Eastern Turkey (Özgür KOÇAK, 24-MAY-09)

C& ce Turkey (400-)900- 1700m. according to Mathew (Peter Taggart uk, 06-JAN-10)

Status in the Wild:

Common (Özgür KOÇAK, 24-MAY-09)

Seems to blend with I persica in central Turkey according to Mathew (Peter Taggart uk, 06-JAN-10)

Commercial Availability:

Rarely in seed exchanges, Try westonbirt plants UK (Peter Taggart uk, 06-JAN-10)

Sources Cited:


Additional Comments:

Thanks Oron Peri for ID (Özgür KOÇAK, 24-MAY-09)

A small plant with a large flower which opens as the leaves emerge. Various reigional colour forms exist. Depending on the season it flowers in the English midlands in the 2nd week of February. It may rot if water collects between the leaves, It will rot if the plant gets warm while still in growth, and and the roots are wet, it is easier than several other small junos I grow but they can all dessicate if they are baked on the greenhouse bench in summer, so I routinely sprinkle the pots with a very little water when dormant. (Peter Taggart UK, 05-JAN-10)

Where to buy it:

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