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Iris narcissiflora

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Botanical Name: Iris narcissiflora (added by D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)

Botanical Synonyms:




Common Names:


Chromosome Count:


General Description:

Named for its bright yellow flower somewhat like a flat narcissus. Small woodland iris that blooms late. The stems are probably about 8 inches tall with a single bright yellow flower. about 2 1/2 inches across. The flowers are flat with a skimpy 'beard' on the falls. Foliage and rhizome unknown, but the foliage may not be present at bloom. It might be a Psuedoregelia, nothing really is evident. Woodland Pseudoregelias exist (I mandshurica), but are more of the exception. Why is no foliage evident? Very few rhizomateous iris bloom without foliage. The collection time of July suggest it is a very late bloomer, but this may reflect it's life at higher altitude. (D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)

Distinguishing Features:


Preferred Habitat:

Woodland (D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)



Native Range:

China? (D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)

Status in the Wild:


Commercial Availability:

Not available. (All known plants offered in circulation are falsely identified) (D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)

Sources Cited:

Info entered today comes as reported in an email from J. Waddick via B. Pries on the Iris-Species mailing list on Yahoogroups (dated 01-NOV-2004). (D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)

Additional Comments:

The flower form is most un-iris like and it may represent something very different. No foliage is known for the herbarium specimen or the single color slide. Neither Zhao, Mathew or I have seen a true specimen. All recent seeds and live plants have been mis-identified. This may be because of ignorance or an eagerness to sell a rare iris by too eager entrepreneurs. SIGNA has sponsored a Sichuan native to seek this species without success. It remains elusive. (D. Kramb, 14-JAN-06)

Where to buy it:

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