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Iris pseudacorus var. bastardii

Botanical Name: Iris pseudacorus var. bastardii (added by D. Kramb, 30-SEP-04)

Botanical Synonyms:



Laevigatae (D. Kramb, 30-SEP-04)

Common Names:


Chromosome Count:


General Description:

Lacks the darker yellow zone on the falls. Dykes - unblotched pale yellow occasional in normal populations, many places. (D. Kramb, 30-SEP-04)

Distinguishing Features:


Preferred Habitat:




Native Range:


Status in the Wild:


Commercial Availability:


Sources Cited:

Info entered on 30-SEP-04 comes from the SIGNA Checklist of Iris Species. (D. Kramb, 30-SEP-04)

Additional Comments:


Where to buy it:

Due to its aggressive nature, SIGNA recommends that North American gardeners avoid planting Iris pseudacorus where its seeds can escape into waterways, but it's fine for ordinary garden planting in those states & provinces where it's legal.

Sorry, but no sources of Iris pseudacorus var. bastardii have been uploaded yet.

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