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Iris setosa

Botanical Name: Iris setosa (added by D. Kramb, 27-OCT-03)

Botanical Synonyms:

Iris setosa var. artia (Vidar Gunnarsen, 14-OCT-08)


Tripetalae (D. Kramb, 27-OCT-03)

Common Names:

Arctic iris (D. Kramb, 27-OCT-03)

Chromosome Count:

2n=38 (D. Kramb, 02-OCT-04)

General Description:

6"-35" (15-90cm) tall, with blue or purple flowers, occasionally pink or white (D. Kramb, 27-OCT-03)

Distinguishing Features:

The seeds have a distinct raised raphe the length of one edge. (Ken Walker, 15-DEC-03)

Preferred Habitat:



Requires a cold dormant period in winter, does not do well in warm climates (D. Kramb, 27-OCT-03)

Contrary to expectation, I've grown several varieties in Concord, CA (USDA Zone 9) without special winter treatment. They do need plenty of water, or even bog conditions, in our warm dry summers; and some protection from the hottest sun of the day may be helpful. (Ken Walker, 15-DEC-03)

Native Range:

Northeastern Asia, Yukon, Alaska (D. Kramb, 27-OCT-03)

Status in the Wild:


Commercial Availability:

Specialty, frequently available in the SIGNA seed exchange (D. Kramb, 27-OCT-03)

Sources Cited:

Nøtterøy, Norway (Vidar Gunnarsen, 14-OCT-08)

Additional Comments:


Where to buy it:

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