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Iris tenax var. gormanii

Botanical Name: Iris tenax var. gormanii (added by Anonymous, 03-JAN-06)

Botanical Synonyms:

I. tenax var. gormanii (Anonymous, 03-JAN-06)



Common Names:

2n=40 (Anonymous, 03-JAN-06)

Chromosome Count:


General Description:


Distinguishing Features:

Yellow flower (Anonymous, 03-JAN-06)

Preferred Habitat:

Edge of forrest (Anonymous, 03-JAN-06)



Native Range:

Scoggings Creek,, Hagg Lake Oregon (Anonymous, 03-JAN-06)

Status in the Wild:

Very limited (Anonymous, 03-JAN-06)

Commercial Availability:

Occasionally in catalogs (Anonymous, 03-JAN-06)

Sources Cited:


Additional Comments:


Where to buy it:

Oregon Native Plant Nursery

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