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The SIGNA Journal is published twice a year and mailed to all members. It contains color photos and typically has 15 to 20 articles on various iris species, researchers, hybridizers, and explorers. Many articles are written for the novice iris grower, while others are highly scientific in nature.

Click the image at left to view a 15-page sample of a SIGNA Journal.

All the back issues of our publication are available for a nominal copying and mailing fee. Over 4000 pages of information, much of which is not available elsewhere. Cost is $4 each for Spring 1999 and prior issues, and $5 for Fall 1999 onward, containing color.

Contact our Publications Chair, molallagardens@outlook.com, for ordering information.

One of the most requested back issues of the SIGNA Journal is issue #53, Fall 1994, which contains an interesting series of articles, compiled by Darrell Probst entitled "On Seeds and Germination". The articles are based on readers' responses to a survey written by Darrell, which asked readers how they grow species from seed. The contents include:

  • Bearded Irises by T. Varner
  • Aril and Arilbred irises (2 articles) by S. Norris and S. McAllister
  • Sino-Siberian Irises by C. Lankow
  • Siberian Irises by M. Schafer
  • Pacific Coast Native Irises by J. Ghio
  • Louisiana Irises by Dr. K. Vaughn
  • Tender Evansias by D. Probst
  • x Pardancanda norrisii, Pardanthopsis, and Belamcanda by D. Probst

SIGNA Indexes to the Journal are also available. These are quick and easy reference guides that cover 10 issues each. Cost is $2.00 each, and includes postage. Indexes are available for the entire 40 years of SIGNA Journals.

Contact our Publications Chair, molallagardens@outlook.com, for ordering information.

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