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SIGNA Checklist of Iris.

Our most popular and useful publication has undergone a change of face. Besides being updated in the cultivar section we have done away with the comb binding and put it into a notebook. This will facilitate in the future of only needing to update the sections that are changed. This will greatly help the readers.

It has sections on Classification, subgenera, pronunication, parts of the flower, alphabetical listing of species, an updated cultivar list, color photos of all the SIGNA medal winners, a systemic outline of species, and much more in a 400+ page notebook.

Cost is $50 plus shipping & handling.

Contact our Publications Chair, molallagardens@outlook.com, for ordering information.

Printed Check Lists are no longer available. That information is now freely (electronically) available on the AIS Iris Encyclopedia.

Click here to view a sample checklist covering 2010 to 2019, that includes hyperlinks to the AIS Wiki for each cultivar.

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