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Iris rosenbachiana

Botanical Name: Iris rosenbachiana (added by Jim Kurtz, 20-MAR-07)

Botanical Synonyms:

Iris nicolai (?) (Jim Kurtz, 20-MAR-07)


Scorpiris or Juno (Jim Kurtz, 20-MAR-07)

Common Names:


Chromosome Count:


General Description:

Short, early-flowering Juno (Jim Kurtz, 20-MAR-07)

Belongs in the 'physocaulon' group of junos(Tony Hall), along with Irises kopetdagensis, leptorrhiza, popovii, nicholai, ?baldschuanica and zaprjagajevii, as well as short thick storage tubers which taper to the tip they have an extra side bulb in addition to the bulb which produces the flowers and leaves. flowers are produced as the leaves emerge, sometimes more than one, the seeds have an aril, rosenbachiana is seperated from I nicholai by its anthers (?pollen colour) both have dark lines down the haft and a prominent ridge. (Peter Taggart (UK), 24-JAN-10)

Distinguishing Features:


Preferred Habitat:

Well drained locations with summer drought. (Jim Kurtz, 20-MAR-07)

Grow in stony compost and dust the tubers with dolimitic lime dust. must have plenty of air (Peter Taggart (UK), 24-JAN-10)


Quite hardy (Jim Kurtz, 20-MAR-07)

Native Range:

Hissar mountains, Tadjikistan (Jim Kurtz, 20-MAR-07)

Status in the Wild:


Commercial Availability:

Available from Janis Ruksans (Jim Kurtz, 20-MAR-07)

Pottertons, Westonbirt plants(UK), Rare plants(UK). (Peter Taggart (UK), 24-JAN-10)

Sources Cited:


Additional Comments:

Prone to virus, clumps may be short lived requiring care to preserve through the summer (Peter Taggart (UK), 24-JAN-10)

Where to buy it:

Lithuanian Rare Bulb Garden

Paul Christian Rare Plants UK

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