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Iris rossii

Botanical Name: Iris rossii (added by D. Kramb, 15-JAN-06)

Botanical Synonyms:




Common Names:


Chromosome Count:


General Description:

Iris rossii is a short and slender species. The flower are usually shades purple or violet, though there is white form too. The pure white form I. rossii f. alba is known only from Korea, however, white color forms are rarely found in Japan. Most part of the roots which are hairy, very long and reddish maroon in color cannot take up water, it is only the root tips can absorb water. Accidental cutting of the root tips creates difficulty in transplanting, therefore propagation from the seed is best. The species grows on dry banks and in scrub due to the strange characteristics of the roots. It flowers in April and produces rounded stemless capsules in July. It is said to be one of the zoochory plants because ants like the seeds and carry them away. (D. Kramb, 15-JAN-06)

Distinguishing Features:


Preferred Habitat:

It grows on dry sunny hillsides and meadows at forest edges in south Japan and part of western Japan. (D. Kramb, 15-JAN-06)



Native Range:

Japan, Korea, at least. (D. Kramb, 15-JAN-06)

Status in the Wild:

On the endagered species list in Japan. (D. Kramb, 15-JAN-06)

Commercial Availability:


Sources Cited:

Info entered on 15-JAN-06 comes from a Japanese website with the address http://www.kamoltd.co.jp/kyokai/English/wild_iris.html (D. Kramb, 15-JAN-06)

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