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Iris tenuissima

Botanical Name: Iris tenuissima (added by D. Kramb, 06-JAN-04)

Botanical Synonyms:



Californicae, Pacific Coast Native (D. Kramb, 06-JAN-04)

Common Names:

Shasta Iris, Long-tube Iris (D. Kramb, 06-JAN-04)

Chromosome Count:

2n=40 (D. Kramb, 10-OCT-04)

General Description:

Cream, pale yellow or white, with prominent reddish-brown or lavender veins. (D. Kramb, 06-JAN-04)

Grows 6"-12" tall with cream flowers veined purple. (D. Kramb, 10-OCT-04)

Distinguishing Features:

Long floral tube; 1 to 3 inches. Tube abruptly larger in upper, throat-like section, as in the end of an upturned bottle. Long, narrow style crests, usually turned back inward. Floral parts slender and easily broken ("tenuissima" = very tenuous). Flowers appear rather flat; petals and sepals spread outward, their edges often ruffled. Stigma sharply triangular, nearly tongue-shaped. (D. Kramb, 06-JAN-04)

Preferred Habitat:

Shaded, duff-covered forest floor or small sunny openings in oak/pine woodlands. (D. Kramb, 06-JAN-04)



Native Range:

USA (CA) - Northern California foothills around upper end of the Great Central Valley, southern Klamath and Cascade Ranges. 300 to 6,000 feet elevation. (D. Kramb, 06-JAN-04)

Status in the Wild:


Commercial Availability:


Sources Cited:

Information entered on 06-JAN-04 comes from the Pacific Coast Native Iris club website. (D. Kramb, 06-JAN-04)

Info entered on 10-OCT-04 comes from the SIGNA Checklist of Iris Species. (D. Kramb, 10-OCT-04)

Additional Comments:

Http://www.pacificcoastiris.org/ (D. Kramb, 06-JAN-04)

Where to buy it:

Pacific Rim Native Plant Nursery

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