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The seeds below are still available from previous years' lists. Prices are reduced in an effort to move them. The viability of Iris seeds remains good for many years. Some may require winter stratification to germinate. SIGNA membership is NOT required to order these seeds.

Packets are $0.50 each.

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I. Bearded: Dwarf DB, Median MB, Tall TB

II Crested: CR
17CR023 x x milesii, 3rd gen. ex Nepal x KWK
17CR024 x x tectorum OP purple x KWK
17CR029 x x tectorum blue x CPN
18CR018 x x milesii ex. '15 NARGS 1233 OP x KWK
18CR021 x x tectorum blue, probably selfed OP x MUR
18CR022 tectorum ex. '15 NARGS 1234 OP AB KWK
18CR026 x x tectorum white mixed clones OP x JPW

III. Beardless: Chinenses: CH

Foetidissimae FT
18FT031 x x foetidissima OP x RDV

Laevigate LV

Usually invasive outside its native range, Iris pseudacorus (including maackii and mzchetica) will only be shipped to Europe and Asia.
15LV036 pseudacorus ex ‘Sushi’ AB DSR

17LV043 x x versicolor ex ‘Epic Poem’ OP x JPW
18LV038 x x prismatica OP x KWK
18LV049 x x versicolor ex. ‘Epic Poem’, light blue OP x JPW
18LV056 x x virginica v. shrevei ex. SIGNA 10LV148 × self HP x KWK
18LV058 x x pseudacorus hybrid ex. ‘Phil Edinger’ OP x SIG

Laevigate Hybrids LH

Hexagonae LA

Pacific Coast PC
15PC065 x x PCI ex ‘Wild Survivor’ OP x -AV

Siberian SB
17SB065 x x sibirica ex ‘Snow Prince’ white OP x JPW
17SB066 x x sibirica ex 00J085 (ex Switzerland) x JNH
18SB077 x x sibirica OP x KDI
18SB078 sibirica OP AV JNH
18SB079 x x sibirica ex. SIGNA 00J085 (coll. SWITZERLAND) OP x JNH

Spuria SP
15SP083 orientalis AB RBD
15SP084 x x orientalis x JNH
15SP085 orientalis AV KDI
16SP094 unknown affin. spuria, yellowish AV JNH
16SP096   xanthospuria HP ex 03M126 FW KWK
16SP109 x x SPU ex unknown purple x NZI
18SP087 graminea OP AV DCL
18SP088 x x graminea OP x LAR
18SP091 x x halophila almost white OP x LAR
18SP098 x x spuria ex. coll. Szuha Brook, Apc, HUNGARY OP x KDI
18SP102 x x ex. ‘Betty Cooper’ OP x JNH
18SP104 x x ex. ‘Eleanor Hill’ OP x JNH
18SP106 x x ex. ‘Imperial Bronze’ OP x JNH

Tripetalae TR
16TR112 setosa AB PRN
16TR115 setosa OP, floriferous, 2 branch, 3-5 buds AB ECT
17TR101 setosa ex ‘Tourist’ OP purple w/ yellow signal AB JPW
17TR102 setosa ssp. interior WC North Pole, AK USA AB SZR
18TR120 x x setosa ex. ‘Tourist’ purple with yellow signal OP x JPW
18TR121 x x tridentata mixed clones of WC plants OP x JPW

Misc Beardless MS
15MS115 x x lactea x LAR
16MS128 x x lactea (as oxypetela) HP ex Russia x KWK
17MS107 decora ex NARGS 10/1628 AB KWK
17MS113 x x foetidissima x FFS
17MS114 lactea AB JNH
17MS115 x x lactea OP mix of blue-violet & white x JPW
17MS116 x x lactea HP falls w/cream ground x KWK
17MS117 lactea var. chinensis AB JNH
17MS118 x x lactea var. lactea HP ex Vickery 2009 KZ9, Kazakhstan x KWK
17MS122 x x prismatica OP mid-blue-violet ex Warburton x JPW
17MS124 prismatica AB KWK
18MS122 x x dichotoma ex. coll. CHINA HP x DFT
18MS124 x x dichotoma '10 NARGS 1639 × SIGNA 89T470 HP x KWK
18MS126 x x domestica OP x KDI
18MS131 x x ×norrisii × dichotoma HP x DFT
18MS132 x x ×norrisii named clones and seedlings of merit OP x JPW
18MS133   lactea OP FW JNH
18MS135 x x lactea ex. ‘Tough Cookie’ white OP x JPW
18MS136 x x lactea mixed sources OP x KWK

IV Bulbous: Xiphium XP, Reticulate RT, Scorpiris JU, Nepalensis NP
15JU135 magnifica AB KDI
15JU136 magnifica AV LAR
15JU138 magnifica ex ‘Virginity’ AV LAR
15RT145 x x tuberosa x MBS
16RT145 tuberosa AB MBS
17JU139 magnifica AV JNH
17JU140 magnifica AV KDI
17JU143   planifolia FW KWK
17JU144 planifolia AV MBS
17RT146 tuberosa AV KWK
17RT147 tuberosa AB MBS
18NP151 x x decora ex. Til Jung 62, Nepal × unknown OP x KWK
18XP155 latifolia mixed deep purples and lavenders OP AB MUR
18JU157 x x magnifica ‘Aman-Kutan’ × self HP x KWK
18JU161 magnifica OP AB LAR
18JU162 planifolia OP AV MBS

V Wide Crosss: SX (excluding Arilbred – see I Bearded)
    x versata = versicolor x ensata
    x biversata = versata x versicolor [the name is meant to suggest 2 doses of versicolor]
    x reversicolor = versicolor x biversata
    x reensata = versata x ensata [the name is meant to suggest 2 doses of ensata]
    x tetraversata = tetraploid versata = tetraploid (versicolor x ensata)
    x robusta = a natural hybrid of I. virg. shrevei x versicolor reported by Anderson (1949)
    x versilaev = versicolor x laevigata
    x pseudata = pseudacorus x ensata
17SX150 xnorrisii OP – from named clones and seedlings of merit AB JPW

VI All Other Iridaceae: XX
15XX150 x x Babiana nana x NZI
15XX153 Dietes bicolor AV NZI
15XX156   Dietes iridioides FW JNH
15XX157   Dietes iridioides FW KDI
15XX158 Dietes sp. variegated, sold as Moraea iridoides ‘Variegata’ ex Greenleaf Nursery AV EDK
15XX161 x x Ennealophus fimbriatus ex 12XX361 x RBR
15XX165 Gladiolus italicus. syn. G. segeturus AV MBS
15XX169 x x Moraea marlothii x MBS
15XX170 Moraea polystachya   AV MBS
15XX171   Moraea sisyrinchium syn, Gynandriris sisyrinchium FW JNH
15XX175 Sisyrinchium angustifolium AB RST
15XX179 Sisyrinchium macrocarpum AB KDI
15XX182 Sparaxis grandiflora clear bright lemon AB RBD
16XX149 x x Dietes grandiflora x MBS
16XX150 Dietes grandiflora AV NZI
16XX151 Dietes iridioides ex 92Z361 (listed as D. vegeta) AB RST
16XX153 Ferraria crispa AB MBS
16XX156 Gladiolus italicus AB MBS
16XX158 Herbertia lahue AV NZI
16XX161   Libertia grandiflora VF MBS
16XX164 x x Moraea polystachya x MBS
16XX167 Sisyrinchium macrocarpum AB KDI
17XX152   Babiana villosa VF NZI
17XX154   Crocosmia aurea FW MBS
17XX155   Dietes bicolor VF NZI
17XX156 x x Dietes flavida ex 99Z458 cream x RBR
17XX157 Dietes grandiflora AB MBS
17XX158 Dietes iridioides AV JNH
17XX159   Dietes iridioides FW KDI
17XX160 Ennealophus euryandrus AV MBS
17XX161 Ennealophus fimbriatus ex 12XX361 AV RBR
17XX162 Ferraria crispa AB MBS
17XX164   Freesia laxa ex 'Joan Evans' VF NZI
17XX165   Gladiolus byzantinus FW MBS
17XX166   Gladiolus communis FW MBS
17XX167 Gladiolus italicus (syn segetum) AB MBS
17XX170 Libertia grandiflora AV MBS
17XX171 x x Moraea macrocarpa x MBS
17XX172 Moraea marlothii AB MBS
17XX173 Moraea polystachya AB MBS
17XX174 Romulea monticola ex 12xx382 AV DVL
17XX175   Romulea atranda VF NZI
17XX176   Romulea subfistulosa VF MBS
17XX177 Sisyrinchium angustifolium AB RST
17XX178 Sisyrinchium species WC Denton Co. TX USA AV RBR
17XX179 x x Tigridia pavonia 'Sunset In Oz' HP golden orange with red markings x JPW
17XX180   Tritonia deusta ex 07XX258 FW DVL
18XX167 Dietes grandiflora OP AV MBS
18XX170   Dietes iridioides OP FW JNH
18XX173 x x Ferraria crispa undulata OP x MBS

VI. Other Iridaceae - bulblets: XZ (These will not be shipped outside of the US)
17XZ184 x x Freesia refracta - bulblets x DVL

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