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Iris domestica

Botanical Name: Iris domestica (added by D. Kramb, 19-FEB-07)

Botanical Synonyms:

Iris domestica officially replaces the name Belamcanda chinensis after DNA sequence evidence confirmation. (D. Kramb, 11-SEP-05)

Belamcanda chinensis (Anonymous, 11-JUN-08)



Common Names:

Blackberry lily (D.Kramb, 04-OCT-03)

Lis léopard (Anonymous, 11-JUN-08)

Chromosome Count:


General Description:

Flowers are typically yellowish-orange to red, with darker splotches. They last for only a day and twist up into a corckscrew as they die. Bloom season lasts up to 5 weeks in mid-summer since each stem has many flowers per branch. The plants are perennial and can be grown easily from seed. (D.Kramb, 04-OCT-03)

Peach to papaya-red and spotted with scarlet (Anonymous, 11-JUN-08)

Distinguishing Features:

Mature seed pods split open to reveal a cluster of seeds resembling a blackberry which persists until winter (D.Kramb, 04-OCT-03)

Preferred Habitat:

Sunny, average soil (D.Kramb, 04-OCT-03)


Estimated Zone 3-10 (D.Kramb, 04-OCT-03)

Zone 4 (Anonymous, 11-JUN-08)

Native Range:

China, has naturalized in USA (D.Kramb, 04-OCT-03)

Status in the Wild:

Common (D.Kramb, 04-OCT-03)

Commercial Availability:

Common (D.Kramb, 04-OCT-03)

Sources Cited:

Info entered on 11-SEP-05 comes from Peter Goldblastt and David Moabberly's research published in Novon 15: 128, 2005 (D. Kramb, 11-SEP-05)

Additional Comments:

Taxonomic revision now places Belamcanda chinensis into the Genus Iris with the official name Iris domestica. (D. Kramb, 11-SEP-05)

This species was recently reclassified back into the genus Iris, returning to its original name, Iris domestica. But nearly all commercial nurseries still carry it under the common widespread name of Belamcanda chinensis. (D. Kramb, 19-FEB-07)

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